Zanskar Chuchik Jall Khachod Dubling Nunnery was founded by H. E. Kachen Lobzang Zotpa in 1976, near Karsha village, in Ladakh, in India. 

During the 11th Century, the great Lotsawa Ringchen Zangpo, who founded Alchi, travelled through Zanskar and built a small temple on the rocky mountain slope overlooking the valley north of Padum.  Chuchik Jall Temple contains images from the Kashmiri/Indian tradition in the same style as in Alchi.  It was was cared for by a family living in the nearby village of Karsha.  During the same century, the monastery of Karsha was established and began to grow on the spur of rock across from the temple, and gradually became the largest monastery in the Zanskar area of the Gelug tradition.

Kachen Lobzang Zotpa one of Ladakh’s greatest Buddhist teachers, visited Karsha in the 1970s, and was asked by the village people to hold a Nungnye retreat which he performed in Chuchchik Jall Temple.  Along with village people, a few nuns also attended.  At the time, the nuns were still living separately in their own houses in the village, working within the family and not able to concentrate on their studies.  Once the retreat was complete, KLZ suggested to the nuns that they could come together in a nunnery to enable them to fulfil their full potential for study together as a group.

Every year since then, the nuns have organised a Nungnye retreat for the local community.

He encouraged them to build a small temple, slightly below the Chuchik Jall village temple, and in 1976 he gave a teaching on Vajrayogini (Kha-choe Ma), which gave the nunnery the name Kha Choe Drupling Nunnery.  At that time there were 16 nuns who joined together as a community.  With their own hands, the nuns slowly built their own rooms and a kitchen.  In 2004 the nuns were able to construct an extra room which enabled them to start a small school, and gradually they have attracted a number of children who study with them.