Basic expenses of the nunnery are covered by performing prayers for the lay community in Zanskar, and with a little help from donations from visitors.  However, Zanskar is in a very remote part of Ladakh, and the number of tourists is limited.  In summer, the nuns rely on food grown in the Zanskar Valley and offered by the local villagers.  However, in winter even the most basic food is very expensive.

The nunnery is built into the steep side of the valley near Karsha village, and conditions are very hard.  One major difficulty is the provision of water when the temperatures drops in the winter to -20 degrees.  There is no heating in the nunnery, which is especially difficult for the older nuns.

In order to continue their studies and education, and to benefit the children in this isolated area, the nunnery urgently needs your support.  Please consider helping the nuns through sponsorship.  Any amount, large or small, will be welcome.  You could make a one-off donation, or send donations on a regular basis.

Your donation will be used to establish a food fund, to fund the necessary health care needed for the nuns and to go towards the costs of basic heating during the cold Ladakhi winter.